About Amel Tafsout:
“Amel's teaching technique “focuses on sharing the spiritual energies” and her “movements come from inside and is charged with pure energies. While Amel, the Berber woman, moves closer to the souls of the women, they in turn become more aware of their own strength and are able to recover their spiritual balance through dance. The word 'healing' is not mentioned but what happens here is nothing less than that.'”
-Gizella Hartmann, in 'Orient Magazine', Germany, nr 1, 2002

'Watching a performance by Amel Tafsout' Strong woman, passionate, formidable cultural ambassador, internationally acclaimed, spiritual, Medicine woman, patient, gentle, academic, linguist, powerful ambience surrounding her' - All true. But there is the rest: the humor!' -Marian Watson

'Watching Amel dance, is a cathartic experience. She dances from the very core of herself. sensuality is expressed as power and generosity. She has a direct stare, a presence that can only come from the true knowledge of herself and her art. She is a unique performer and there is no one else who dances like her.
-Beatrice Parvin, in Habibi magazine, Vol.18. No 1. 1999, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

Amel Tafsout will seem to you like a voyager between countries, culture and languages. Having worked and lived all over the world, unsurprisingly, migration has been a constant theme in Tafsout's work. Her name means 'Hope of Spring', and she is among the most charismatic and acclaimed professional world performers and master dance instructors of North African traditional and contemporary Maghreb Dance of our time. With an M.A degree in Sociolinguistics and research in dance anthropology, Tafsout is keenly aware of the impact culture has in the art of dance. Raised in Algeria among the finest traditional dancers and musicians. Tafsout was fascinated by dance and music as a small child.

While traveling the globe as an adult, she studied dances of her neighboring countries as well as Middle Eastern, European folk, African and Afro-Cuban dances. In her early twenties Tafsout moved to Germany where she founded the Pan Arabic dance company 'Banat As Sahra'. In the late 80s Tafsout moved to London, U.K. where she taught and performed at various dance and music festivals and founded 'The Tafsoutettes' Dance company.

While currently performing and teaching worldwide Amel is living in the U.S.A. Tafsout has lectured, danced, taught, sung and conducted anthropological research in many countries. She also published many articles related to dance and Maghreb women in academic and popular magazines. Her research focuses on the Ritual in Maghreb dances as well as looking at dance as a healing form.

She uses her expertise to teach master classes in dance, drumming and singing for students from various countries and backgrounds. Her progressive style of teaching, enhances the spontaneous fusion between dance and music, sound and vision.


A Weekend Intensive With Amel Tafsout
-* July 10th-11th in Providence, RI

Schedule: Saturday July 10th, 2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm: Roots of Tribal
This workshop will introduce basic movements and steps , appropriate posture , arm - hand positions , hip combination and hip accentuation useful for North African Maghreb dance. Amel Tafsout will focus on drills to increase the feeling of the North African rhythms , enabling working in duets in a journey through the Maghreb

3:30 - 5:30pm:
Dancing to Rai Music
"Rai" also called the "Algerian Blues" has its roots in Bedouin culture and its evolution in the city with It is a semi-city dance from West Algeria.
Amel will introduce the various traditional dance techniques and teach her own dance choreography. Dancing to Rai is having the Fluidity of the Arabo-Andalusian roots, the Strength of the mythical Berber-Amazigh Priestess, the Earthiness of the African soul, the Inspiration of the Sahara Desert and the expression of the great Mediterranean Seaport of the city of Wahran.

7:30-9:30pm: Theatrical Show**
Presenting Amel Tafsout & featured dancers. Doors: 7:00pm

Sunday July 11th, 2010

12:00pm-2pm: Nuba: A Journey through the Maghreb
including Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco
In this workshop Amel Tafsout will introduce the various dance movements that are specific to each country, such as the Tunisian hip twists, the Moroccan hips and belly drops the Algerian hip figures of eights and various steps. She will teach the similarities and differences in each dance, talk about costuming ( head dress, dress and jewelry) ,give some background of each dance and teach a short choreography useful to each style. Bring textiles & material .

2:30-4:30pm: Frame Drumming, Singing, & Movement
Frame drums are one of the most ancient types of musical instruments. They have a simple structure with strong spiritual and entertaining qualities. The Bendir is a frame drum used by as a traditional instrument throughout North Africa by men and women. After introducing the Bendir and other frame drums, Amel Tafsout will show how to develop your frame drum technique and understand the richness and the diversity of the Bendir sound. She will also not only teach how to practice the traditional North African rhythms, but also how to sing them while playing. The students will then learn a song with its pronounciation and phrasing as well as its rhythm and dance. Amel developed this traditional experience in her teaching, which combines Drumming, Singing and Movement. This creativity has enhanced the spontaneous fusion of Dance and Music, Sound and Vision.

The Details:

The workshops and show will take place at Perishable Theater
& Studios in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

**Performance opportunities for the evening show will be available to registered workshop attendees only, and will be chosen by submission proposal.

Individual Pricing:
$50 per workshop after July 1st
Show Ticket: $15, 2/$25 by 7/9, $20 at door if available.

Intensive Package Pricing:
Weekend Package (all 4 workshops + show ticket) = $185.00

Please note that class size is limited to 24 participants ONLY.
The pricing has been set in order to make it possible for New England to experience Amel while providing an intimate and professional experience for all participants.


Questions? please email us with "Amel" in the title.

*No refunds unless the event is canceled.


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