"Bellydance Artistry with Tempest"
- a new DVD, due out later this Spring 2011!

Since the release of her first instructional DVD "Bellydance for Beautiful Freaks" in 2006 through WDNY, Tempest has taught hundreds of workshops all over the world, and has focused intensely on refining and defining her unique style of bellydance - both in instruction and performance. She is one the most recognized innovators of fusion bellydance, praised for both her accessible teaching style and solidly artistic performances.
And now Tempest is pleased to announce
that she producing her own instructional/performance DVD that will help you take your dance to a new artistic level.

DVD Features


Help Make It Happen!


(cover photo by Dreamer's Realm Photography - cover image shown is a mock-up of the project cover only)

The DVD will feature:

Tempest's dance-based warm-up program

Tempest's warm-ups are a favorite for many who regularly take her workshops, and many report back that they now use similar systems in their own classes. Tempest utilizes dance moves to get you warmed up and ready for your dance without wearing you out or advocating dangerous movements. It can also double as a daily practice/work-out tool, when you only have 15 minutes to get some dancing in.

Foundation Flow/Elemental Energy

Designed to guide you to get the most of your movements, and add more depth and meaning to them. Tempest's focus on foundation flow and how to work energy in dance has helped hundreds of dance students improve and expand their dancing, and now you'll be able to work your whole dance from head to toe, any time!

Fusion Finesse - Nouveau Noir Style
Over 15 signature combinations + 10 arm accents that embody the Nouveau Noir Style, perfect for that special touch of vintage elegance and sassy flavor - all solidly based in bellydance technique with creative twists. Instructional breakdown + in-depth practice flow so you can review the movements at your own pace along with Tempest! Great for if you're looking to add some new moves to your dance, or looking at creating more effective fusion, you'll have a LOT to work with! Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Gothic Oriental, DecoPunk, Flapper/1920's.

Creating Dynamic Performances

One of the most commonly questions asked Tempest is "How do you put together such creative performances?" Now you can get an in-depth look into how Tempest creates a performance from start to finish. In the DVD you'll get: Discussion/How-To create a dynamic artistic performance from start to finish, from concept and costuming, to movements, music, and execution, using the included original performances by Tempest as examples.

Overall Running Time: Expected to be between 2.5-3 hours total!

Estimated Retail Price: $25 + shipping - Pre-order yours now via the Fundraiser and get some special rewards available only during the fundraiser!

Featuring original music by Nathaniel Johnstone (of Abney Park & The Nathaniel Johnstone Band)- The music will be available for download once the DVD is released so you can practice and perform to it as well!

Nathaniel's music is beautiful, heartfelt, expertly crafted, and the pieces created for this project are especially geared towards dancers, merging Nouveau Noir and Arabic influences.

You can receive a special discount code for downloading the songs from the DVD when you donate in the fundraiser!

Help Make it Happen!
This project is being self-produced by Tempest, locally in Rhode Island. The shoot is scheduled to take place in mid-April, and our goal is to have the finished project in hand by Tribal Fest 11 (mid-May). Finalizing details with the videography/editing and locations now, but we'll make those public shortly. The video will be professionally shot, edited, designed, and manufactured. We're going this route to make sure the creative vision and distinct material remains intact from beginning to end, putting out the best quality product possible, while directly supporting the artists and community involved.

In order to help fund this project to make it happen according to schedule, we're holding a multi-level fundraiser, right here, right now! The fundraiser will help us cover the costs of production, music development and licensing, and manufacturing - an estimated $4800. While that may seem like a lot, we're confident that with your support, we'll reach our goal by April 1 (no fooling!)! Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated - and we're offering you some pretty great rewards too!

How it Works:
Donate what you can, and we will send you an email confirming your donation, and will add you to the DVD newsletter so that you will be notified of the developments as it happens (and we promise you'll only be added to the DVD newsletter, no spam!) Rewards will be e-mailed/mailed/delivered (whatever is applicable per your level) when the DVD is ready to ship, estimated mid-May. If everything is on schedule, we'll also be hoping to deliver DVDs/rewards in person at Tribal Fest 11 (CA) and Spring Caravan (NJ) and a special DVD release party in New England!

Goal: $4800 | Achieved $4952!!!
UPDATE! (4-25-2011) Thank you so much to everyone who has help to support this project! Filming is almost complete and editing is already taking place! We are still looking to be on schedule for a mid/late May completion. We will email all donors when the product is ready to be delivered. Buttons will be ready shortly for regular orders as well as wholesale orders.


Q. When will I get my DVD/rewards?
A. We are estimating that the DVDs will be ready in mid-May. Everyone who donates will be added to a special newsletter which will let you know exactly how things are going and when you can expect your DVD.

Q. Can I pick my DVD up?
A. If you're a regular student with Tempest, you could pick up your DVD in class or at the video release party. If you plan to be at Tribal Fest or Spring Caravan, ideally you will be able to pick it up from Tempest in person at her booth!

Q. How does the music download and discount code work?
A. The music used on the DVD will be available online for purchase. Each donation level will have an increasing amount of discount code that will be made available when the DVD is released. The discount code will only be actively available for a limited amount of time, and sent only to donors. The tracks will also be available on an upcoming album release from Nathaniel Johnstone in the future.

Q. I missed the Fundraiser! Will I be able to order the DVD still?
A. Yes! Pre-order buttons will be up shortly, and then we'll have regular buttons and will be accepting wholesale inquiries as well.

Have a question not answered by the FAQ? E-mail us!

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