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Tempest's Corset Belt Pattern - Tempest's Corset Belt is a unique costuming element and corseting system for the hips that allows for a close, comfortable, and firm fit that truly conforms to your body and stays put! Perfect for belly dance costuming, club attire, or dressing up a pair of jeans! This pattern is designed for folks who would like to try to make their own corset belts, the proper way.  The pattern includes: the classic 4 panel belt, the elegant 5 panel belt, the elusive 6 panel belt, small to large adjustable sizing, 2 grommet systems, 2 edging systems, gartering, "synth" tassel construction, the secret life of washers, adornment & embellishment tips, and more! 

$16.00 + shipping


Tempest's Corset Bra Pattern - The perfect costume companion piece to the Corset Belt! Enjoy experimenting with a variety of designs for the corset bra to find the look that best accentuates your figure and style. Accessible for all size cups with guides to help you chose what will work best for you. Pattern includes: 3 base cup styles, multiple options for back, sides, and strapping, style options, and suitable for beginner to advanced costumers. 

$16.00 + shipping



The Corseted Arm Pattern - with your hips and chest stylin', go for the complete look by finishing off your costume with corseted arm accents! This pattern and style sheet set offers a variety of darkly elegant looks to best accent your arms and hands. Also perfect for designing unique clubwear!

$18.00 + shipping

The Corset Vest Pattern - Versatile Vests for a wide range of styles and shapes! This package includes patterning for the "open front" bolero-style corset vest design, the closed front "overbust" design, the "floating underbust" support for a "move-friendly Turkish Vest" look, and how to add tails to any design. All vest designs feature back and side corseting for the best fit, regardless of shoulder, back, rib, or bust size. Pattern gradients easily accommodate S-XXL sizes. Includes style tips for Gothic, Steampunk, "Gypsy", Tribal/Folkloric, and Cabaret looks.

$22.00 + shipping

The Shruggery Pattern - The Shruggery is elegant adornment for your neck and shoulders. Adjustable to fit all sizes and 3 looks in one, it's easy to wear and a fantastic way to spruce up a simple coat or dress, or truly complete a performance look. Includes pattern/design notes for The Shruggery, Adornment & Embellishment, Related Design projects including chokers, bracelets, Donut Shruggery, & Croissant Shruggery. Suitable for Cabaret, Tribal, Gothic, Steampunk, etc.

$16.00 + shipping


The Whoodlet Pattern - Whoodlets are part hood, part scarf, and all fabulous! Whether you're looking for a stylish cover-up for your hair, an elegant addition to your performance gear, a lightweight scarf for Spring/Summer, or heavyweight warm, toasty goodness for the Fall/Winter, you can customize this pattern to suit all of your needs! Includes Pattern for The Whoodlet, notes on accented tails and hood embellishments, adjustable for adult and children sizes. 

$16.00 + shipping


Buy all 4 "corset" patterns (belt, bra, arm, vest) for only $65 + shipping



Buy all six patterns (belt, bra, arm, vest, whoodlet, shruggery) for only $90 + shipping

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