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Tempest will be releasing TWO new patterns in mid-October:
The Shruggery and The Whoodlet!

You can pre-order BOTH patterns for only $20.00 + s/h.
(Patterns will retail at approximately $15 each plus s/h afterwards)
Sale happens only until October 1st, so order now to get the best deal!
Patterns will be ship via US Mail in mid to late October, so please keep this in mind when ordering!

The Shruggery!
The Whoodlet!

The Shruggery is elegant adornment for your neck and shoulders. It secures by strong wide ribbon that goes under your arms and ties in the back. Each Shruggery features special details at each end. The look and feel of each depends on the nature of the fabric, and will fit all sizes. Easy to wear and a fantastic way to spruce up a simple dress or coat!

It can be worn at least 3 ways:
1) With the serged side around your neck, for a high-collar effect

2) With the rounded side around your neck, for a
softer look around your face and more shoulder

3) Looped like a scarf (tie in the front, or
crisscross and tie in the back)

Whoodlets are part hood part scarf/all fabulous! Whoodlets are perfect for cool weather, and go outdoors to inside, because they're not only warm, but lightweight - so you don't even need to take them off inside.
Pre-order your patterns now! BOTH of them for only $20 + shipping!
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Or, if you don't want to get both patterns now, you can pre-order EITHER pattern for $14 domestic or $16 international:
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